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Adventures at Ben’s Lake

With 160 acres of wooded land and a 16 acre lake, there are plenty of adventures and experiences to be had at Bens Lake this upcoming season. Activities for everyone, you’ll be sure to have a unique time on our slice of Prince Edward Island


Geocache throughout our hiking trails

A great way to get out with the family, enjoy a hike through the woods and hunt for hidden treasures along the way. Upon arrival you’ll be provided with a map and a few clues as to were the treasures may be. If you happen to have your gps with you, the coordinates of the lost treasures of Bens Lake will be provided as well. Paths will be marked with some of our most frequent animal visitors on PEI and Bens Lake. The sneaky fox, mighty eagle, quiet owl, and the beautiful Canada goose! A real treat for kids and families. Small request being no texting and geocaching :)

Price per family $15


Fishing at Bens Lake

Since the early 70’s Bens Lake has been known as a destination for its stocked lake. Carefully managed our Rainbow Trout stocks are in a period of growth. Our lower section is dedicated towards traditional hook and line fishing, this year as we grow our stocks will just be catch and release. Fresh frozen Trout will be for sale in the office. The upper portion of the lake is reserved for fly fishing alone. We have multiple rods, reels, expert tied fly’s, and hooks, for both types of fishing and provide rentals. Simply come on down and we will get you all set up for catching some great rainbow trout.

Prices for rentals are $15/hr rod included


Boat and Kayak Rentals

At Bens Lake we have 16 acres of beautiful lake that takes through a scenic Spruce forest. Many birds frequently are flying overhead. We have a pair of bald eagles that nest on the property and as like our guests they enjoy catching the occasional trout. A sight to be seen. Bring your cameras as you paddle down the lake either by rowboat or kayak.

Boat and Kayak Rentals are $15/hour

Adventure Continues

Being so close to nature brings a loving amount of things to do and see at Bens Lake. We have are so lucky to have some of natures most majestic birds nesting on our property along our hiking trails.

Hiking Trails

Enjoy a few kilometres of graded trails through a dense the Prince Edward Island woods, alongside the lake there are multiple streams that span across our hiking trails. A great picturesque journey to say the least.


Birds Watching

There are a number of species that nest and add to the natural beauty of Bens Lake. This year we are working towards putting together an active list of all birds sighted on the property. To do this we thought we’d make this a communal project with our guests. Help us to identify as many species as we can, in order to develop a graphic for the future that can provide our future guests to be on the lookout for all of our natural friends.


ATV Friendly

As many of the locals know Bens Lake has some great ATV trails, and will continue to be ATV friendly.