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Just wanting to spend the afternoon with us no problem. No matter your length of stay there are wonderful unique experiences to be had at Bens Lake. Culinary Treasures await below!


Oysters on the dock

Or For the Gourmet Foodie a one of a kind experience

Acadian Caviar And Oysters



As I’m sure you’ve heard, PEI has some of the worlds finest shellfish. Especially out on the east end. Atlantic Shellfish out of Savage Harbour PEI are gaining world wide recognition for there line of fresh PEI Oysters. Whats better than to spend an afternoon or evening pairing Oysters with Acadian Caviar, Oceanwise Certified Dr.Cornel and Dorina Ceppa are producing again some of the worlds finest caviar right next door in Carters Point, New Brunswick. Uniquely Bens Lake is one of the only spots on the Island to be serving a truly unforgettable product. Book alongside your stay or stop in and enjoy!

Recommended to Call Ahead and Reserve your spot as this is proving to be a popular addition



  • 12 Eastern PEI Oysters

  • Assorted Daily Mignonette

  • Optional Acadian Caviar

  • Chef Guided Tasting of Caviar

  • $32 - Dozen Oysters

  • Add Caviar 30g - $65


Foodie's Vacation



Our Property manager Jordan Liantzakis is a trained Chef, having graduated from the Culinary Institute of Canada and spending time working at one of Canadas best restaurants Atelier in Ottawa Ont. We are offering gourmet in house dining packages for those nights that your just wanting to kick back and enjoy a custom rotating seasonal menu showcasing the quality products available not just Locally but showcasing the highest quality products from the east coast. Our land and seas are bountiful across the Maritimes and our goal is to be able to provide a glimpse into the best products available being sourced and produced by the most conscience, humane, and sustainable Maritimers.



  • Chef Prepared In House and Chalet Dining

  • Locally and Maritime Sourced Ingredients

  • Gourmet Quality Diners

  • Contact for Pricing


Traditional French Picnic On the lake or in the woods



As many things in France, French picnics are taken seriously and contain a few delicious staples. All packed in a wicker basket, you’ll have the choice of being able to enjoy a lovely experience either by rowboat on the Lake, or by simply following our hiking path through the woods to our designated picnic lookout point viewing the Lake as you and your loved one, and or family will enjoy.

Recommended to Call Ahead and Reserve your spot as this is proving to be a popular addition.



  • Freshly baked Island Bread

  • Selection of Island Cheese & Charcuterie

  • Assortment of tapenade and traditional condiments

  • Selection of fresh in season bite size fruits and vegetables

  • Picnic for 2 on the Lake with RowBoat - $55

  • Hiking Picnic for 2 - $40